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In this third book titled as Labour, Management and Industrial Relations written in my 80,s in co-authorship of Mr. S. M. Iqbal every effort has been made to include as many topics/subjects on the Labour and matters connected with the Labour, Management and Industrial Relations as possible to make it a comprehensive book on the subject instead of referring to several books. In doing so some relevant subjects of the previous two books have naturally been also incorporated in this book and inspite of using brevity some topics though relevant have not been deliberately included in this book to reduce it’s volume. Wherever necessary the subjects/topics also include Pakistan specific conditions and matters to make it more useful for the readers of Pakistan.

Able assistance, collaboration and contribution have been made by Mr. S.M. Iqbal in writing the book. He beside being co-author and writer of the book has assisted in compilation, proof reading and publication of the book.

We hope the book may provide useful knowledge on it’s various subjects and topics to the readers connected with the Industrial Relations and others who wish to gain knowledge from the contents of the book.

S. M. Yaqoob

May 10th ‘2013



I Introductory 1–10
II Location, Types of Business Organization and Industrial Finance 11–22
III Development and Advent of Trade Union Movement 23–30
IV Trade Unions,   Collective Bargaining Agent Unions,   Outsiders in Trade Unions,   Mushroom Growth of Trade Unions and Trade Union Activities 31–40
V Professional Management and Trade Unions Connected with Salary and Wages 41–57
VI Migratory Charter of Labour in Pakistan 58–69
VII Interview, Selection, Trade Test, Intelligence Test and Referrences 70–75
VIII Absenteeism 76–93
IX Theories of Wages, Types of Wages and Monetary Incentives 94–103
X Minimum  Wages,  Laws  Granting Allowances,  Minimum  Service Conditions,  Custom,  Usage  and Practice 104–113
XI Job Evaluation 114–128
XII Profit Sharing 129–140
XIII Collective Bargaining, Arbitration and Adjudication of Industrial Disputes 141–149
XIV Industrial Discipline, Grievance Handling and Grievance Procedure 150–169
XV Service Conditions and Laws on Disciplinary Procedure 170–192
XVI Motivational Effects of Incentives 193–199
XVII Concept of Social Security 200–206
XVIII Children and Female / Women Workers 207–214
XIX Influence of Reports of Commissions, Committees, Policies and Experiments 215–143
XX Grievance Handling and Grievance Procedure 244–250
XXI Settlement of Disputes 251–261
XXII Joint consultation, Participation in Management and Co-ownership 262–269
XXIII Contract Labour 270–278
XXIV Principles of Industrial Psychology 279–289
XXV Agricultural Labour 290–299
XXVI Labour Welfare Measures 300–311
XXVII Motivational Effects of Incentives 312–318
XXVIII Cartels, Monopolies, Nationalization and Privatization 319–329
XXIX Influence I.L.O. and Others 330–335
XXX Islamic Economic System and Concept of Labour in Islam 336–353
XXXI Other Types of Industries, Workers and Employees 354–366
  Bibliography 367–368


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