Minimum wage Rs. 25,000/= p.m. of Unskilled Adult and Juvenile Workers in K.P.K.

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Date: 17-08-2022

Circular Number: C-202

Minimum wage Rs. 25,000/= p.m. of
Unskilled Adult and Juvenile Workers in K.P.K.


By Notification dated 16-08-2022 u/s 6(1)(a) of the Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa Minimum Wages Act, 2013 published on 17-08-2022 in the  KPK Govt. Gazette has fixed the minimum rate of wages as Rs. 25,000/=per  month or Rs. 961.53/=per day in respect of adult unskilled, juvenile and  adolescent workers working in the Industrial and commercial establishments  in the province of KPK w.e.f. 01-07-2022 on the recommendation of the  K.P.K Minimum Wage Board and salient features of the same are given as  under: – 

1- That the minimum wage of adult and juvenile unskilled workers, both  male and female, temporary or permanent are to be paid the minimum  wage at the rate of Rs. 25,000/= per month or Rs. 961.53/= per day w.e.f. 01-07-2022 as defined by the Section 5(2) of the K.P.K.  Minimum Wages Act, 2013. 

2- The daily minimum wage for piece rated workers would be 1/26th of  the monthly minimum wage amounting to Rs. 961.53/= per day which  would proportionately include an element of minimum wage for weekly  holidays in it and, therefore, no separate payment for weekly off days  would be required. Overtime, daily/weekly working hours, weekly rest  days, work on weekly holidays, etc. shall be governed by provisions of  the K.P. Factories Act, 2013, K.P. Payment of Wages Act, 2013 and  other relevant labour laws. 

3- Wages of skilled and semiskilled workers may be fixed by employers  but the same cannot be less than the minimum wages fixed now for  unskilled and juvenile workers.  

4- Usually, piece rated workers are in skilled and semi-skilled categories  and their piece rate wages are so fixed that they get higher wages than  the unskilled workers. If any piece rate worker due to the nature of his  work falls in the Category of unskilled Worker, his piece rate wage be  so fixed that he is paid this Minimum wage. 

5- If any establishment is paying higher than this minimum wage, the  same cannot be reduced. The employer is free to pay higher wage  voluntarily or by collective agreement keeping in view various factors  including high cost of living in a particular locality or for other reasons. 

6- The minimum wage would apply to the permanent, temporary, whole  time, monthly rated, daily rated and piece rated unskilled workers and  if their wages are above this minimum rate, the same cannot be  reduced and shall be continued with other existing benefits given to  them and the same shall not be adjusted against this minimum wage. 

7- The workers shall continue to enjoy such facilities as house rent  allowance or free house, electricity, water, conveyance, free medical  aid, gratuity, bonus, pension, any form of insurance, provident fund,  recreation, subsidized food, education, holidays and leave with pay,  attendance allowance or any other benefit already provided by the  employer. No variable or incentive allowance (non-statutory) or value  of welfare facilities as mentioned therein shall be adjusted against this  minimum wage. 

For further details if required, you may consult your labour laws  consultant. 

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