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June 17, 20220

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Date: 17-06-2022

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Minimum Wage Rs. 25,000/= p.m. of Unskilled Workers declared by Punjab Govt.


  • The Punjab Govt. has notified Rs. 25,000/= p.m. or Rs.961.53/= per day as the minimum wage for adult male, female and Adolescent workers w.e.f. 01-04-2022 based on 26 working days in a month under Section 6 of the Punjab Minimum Wages Act, 2019 on recommendation of its Minimum Wages Board and allowing deductions/adjustment of Rs. 310/= p.m. for providing housing accommodation and Rs. 66/= p.m. for providing transport facility as per the Punjab Govt. Gazette Notification dated 17-06-2022.


  • The Notification also provides that other matters shall be regulated by the Factories Act, 1934, Payment of Wages Act, 1936 and other relevant Labour Laws.


  • This minimum wage declared is inclusive of basic wage and all other regular allowances whatsoever. If the present wage of any unskilled adult male, female and Adolescent worker is higher than this minimum wage declared now, their present wages cannot be reduced.


  • Naturally management action would be required to revise wages of semi-skilled , skilled and highly skilled workers keeping in view the newly announced minimum wage of unskilled workers.


  • Contributions and other matters under the Social Security and EOB shall be governed by the provisions of these laws.


  • The above may be carefully read along-with the Gazette Notification. In case of any doubt, you may consult your Labour Laws Consultant.


  • Similar legal steps on the Minimum Wages by other provinces are awaited.

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