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March 10, 20150

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Date: 10-03-2015

Circular Number: C-154

Repeal of the EOB Act, 1976 by the Sindh EOB Act, 2014.

1- By the 18th amendment of the Constitution of Pakistan abolishing the Concurrent List including in it the matters connected with the Labour, which have gone in the exclusive jurisdiction of the provinces and the Federal Government has no longer jurisdiction on the Labour matters as in the past.

2- The Sindh Assembly has passed the Sindh Employees Old-Age Benefits Act, 2014 on 10-12-2014 and the same has been assented by the Governor of Sindh on 12-01-2015 thereby repealing application of the EOB Act, 1976 in the province of Sindh as provided by Section 55 of the Sindh EOB Act, 2014.

3- Consequently the Federal Government, the EOB Act, 1976 and the EOB Institution created under it by the Federal Government have nothing to do with the employees old-age benefits in the province of Sindh which has exclusively gone in the jurisdiction of the Sindh Government and other provinces, if they too make their such laws.

4- In view of the above Act of 2014 of the Sindh no contribution is payable by the employers/employees to the EOB Institution created by the Federal Government under the above mentioned Act of 1976. Due contribution would be payable under the Sindh EOB Act, 2014 and the Rules/Regulations made by the Sindh Government under it after creating it’s own Sindh EOB Institution.

5- Naturally the Sindh Government would soon creat it’s own EOB Institution and make it’s Rules/Regulations under the Sindh EOB Act, 2014 which shall apply to employers and employees employed in the province of Sindh and we shall give our further comments thereon soon after making the same.

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