Labour Laws advises Attendance Bonus Labour Court cases Drafting of Employment Contracts Labour Appellate Tribunal cases N.I.R.C. cases, Warning & Disciplinary Action letters Workmen’s Compensation & Payment of Wages Group Insurance cases Social Security cases u/s 57, 58, 59 & vetting of Enquiry Reports E.O.B.I. cases u/s 33, 34 & 35 of the Act Application Form Labour cases of High Courts Employees Requisition Form Labour cases of the Supreme Court Interview Assessment Form Advise on Conciliation Proceedings Appointment letters of various Advise on Arbitration Proceedings Types and categories Advise on representation before Labour Salary Approval Form Department and other Authorities Annual Assessment Form Advise on Collective Bargaining Meetings Referee Form Collective Bargaining Agreements Confirmation Report Form Assistance in Industrial Relations Personnel Progress Report Preparation of documents, drafts, forms and statements Overtime Control Form Vetting and Drafting of: – Traveling Bill and Control Form Service Rules and Standing Orders Transport Control Form/Register and Report Form Personnel Policies and Procedures Accident Records & Reports Recruitment plan and selection procedure Labour Turnover charts Disciplinary procedure Absenteeism charts Grievances procedure Personal data card P.F. Rules Salary card Co-operative Society Rules Leave Application Form Sports Club Bye-Laws Establishment Register Suggestion Scheme Separation Register Profit Sharing Scheme Inventory & Key Control Registers Incentive Bonus Personnel File Card Service Certificate Drafting/vetting of Show- cause notices, Charge sheets, Enquiry letters Preparing draft of replies to various cases, letters and notices Explaining the enquiry procedure, guiding in conducting enquiry Preparing and designing of formats Registration under the Factories Act and Shops & Establishment Ordinance Guiding on maintenance of various Job Analysis Job Specification Job Description Job Evaluation. Councils & other bodies Vetting of recruitment advertisements Organisation Charts Salary/wage survey Salary/wage scales formulation Determination of Training needs and Management by Exceptions Advise on Design of Training Centre Management & Personnel Development Communication and Inter-flow Meetings House Organ/Company Bulletins Establishment of Company Library Standardisation of Forms/Registers Development Determination of Staff/Labour Establishment. Exit Interview Form, Etc. Long-range Recruitment Program Work Measurement Design, control and management of registers, records, notices and canteens Return under different Labour Laws Welfare and Recreation Safety Program Security Measures Formation and Functioning of Work Filing Systems Case Laws Written/Oral legal advise on various personnel/service/labour matters Introduction of Management by Objective Improvement in Management Methods School and Practices Advise on General Management Programs Others matters/problems related to :- Aptitude Test Intelligence Test Dexterity Text
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