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Circular No. C 147 Date: 22-09-2014





Punjab amendment in the Provincial

Employees Social Security Ordinance,1965



1-     By virtue of the 18th amendment made in the Constitution the Government of Punjab using its powers under Section 71 of the Ordinance the wage limit of Rs: 15000/= p.m. provided by Section 2 (8) (f) of the Ordinance has been revised and raised to Rs: 18000/= p.m. or Rs: 750/= per day for levy of contribution under the Ordinance by its Notification dated 12.08.2014, Since no date of its application has been specifically mentioned, it shall apply from the date of publication in the Punjab government gazette.

2-     The wage limit for contribution by the employer now as per the amended proviso under Section 20 of the Ordinance read with Section 71 is the same wage limit i.e., Rs. 18000/= p.m, or Rs 750/= per day.

3-     Making amendment in the Ordinance by notification under Section 71 of the Ordinance issued by the provincial Government bye-passing the provincial assembly is legally questionable which may be challenged in the Superior Courts to set the legal position right.

4-     Even otherwise Section 71 providing review and modification in the wage limit for contribution in January every year not by the provincial assembly but by the provincial Government Department making such far reaching change is questionable and controversial calling for resolving it by decision of the Superior Courts. Section 71 also mentions about benefits but the amendment is silent about the same.



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